APC is disintegrating, Buhari must save it now – Former Party Chairman

A former Chairman of the All
Progressives Congress, APC, in
Kaduna State, Hakeem Baba-
Ahmed, said President
Muhammadu Buhari must
intervene to fix the crisis in the
party and save it from
Mr. Baba-Ahmed made the
appeal in an interview with the
News Agency of Nigeria in
Kaduna on Sunday.
According to him, the problems
affecting the party have been
left to linger for too long and
must be settled in the next few
months, if the party hopes to
retain power in 2019.
“Even if you can forgive some
of the crisis and blame it on in
experience, you cannot forgive
the fact that we have tolerated
this crisis for too long.
“They have persisted, and that
is not something we should
excuse, we should not also
excuse the existence of massive
problems in states and at the
national level.
“Those who have the
responsibility of fixing the APC
as a political platform are not
fixing it.
“It is what we are seeing now;
a large number of powerful
people within APC are walking
away from it, thinking that it is
beyond redemption.
“That is unfortunate and I think
it is a major setback for the
“The APC must reinvent itself and
rediscover its mission to lead this country,
not through a one term presidency or
governance, but to actually build a different
Nigeria that will meet the yearnings of our
children and beyond.”
Mr. Baba-Ahmed stressed that the internal
crisis had also affected governance, thereby,
making it imperative for the President to
quickly intervene and resolve all
contending issues within the party.
“Of course when a party is in a problem
like this, a number of things happen;
governance suffers because you are
constantly having your attention diverted
by the party’s problems.
“Secondly, in political terms, four years of
an administration is only like two years or
two and half years.
“In a year’s time, we will not be talking
about governing this country, we will be
talking about campaign for 2019.
“And if this party doesn’t fix itself at the
national level, doesn’t fix all the problems
it has in the states, it is unlikely to come
back to Nigerians with the confidence it
came to us in 2014 /2015, to say give us
another mandate.
“If we are not careful the only thing of
value and credibility that we can say to
Nigerians that is still relatively intact in
the APC will be President Buhari.
“And President Buhari more than anybody
else, knows that his personality and
character alone cannot win him an
“He needs a political platform that can
mobilize people to support him, and right
now, that political platform is
“He needs to do something about it, he
needs to allow the party to work together,
he needs to ask a lot of people to fix the
problems of the party.”
Baba-Ahmed expressed the belief that the
problems of the APC were surmountable if
the leadership work hard to fix all the
underlying issues.
“I am not one of the people who thinks the
future is outside APC, I believe that APC can
be salvaged.
“However, I am not complacent to say it
can just be fixed like that, a lot of hardwork
has to go into it, a lot of sacrifices must be
“What I think is useful is that, in the next
three to six months a lot of people that we
suspect are already packing their things to
get out of APC, would do so.
“That would give the party an opportunity
to know who is left, and then we can just go
back to rediscovering the essence of the APC
and then possibly to re-engineer the party
with the popular base.
“We will need to apologise to people for
mistakes made and reassure them that the
first four years of the Buhari
administration may not have met all the
expectations of the people, but if they give
our party another chance for the next four
years, we will be able to fix this country,
insha Allah.”


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