Youth Empowerment; Gateway to a Better Nigeria

One of the biggest challenges Nigeria is facing today is the provision of tangible and gainful employment to the youths. This is has been worsened by the lack of social empowerment and opportunities for personal development for the youths.  Nigeria has been living under the bondage of neo-colonialism unknowingly, after breaking away from the clutches of the initial colonial masters. Undoubtedly,  colonialism brought about education and the kind of civilization we have today. Yet it has in some inexplicable way taken away the zeal and passion for self reliance, independence and entepreurneural spirit from the youths. Hence, white collar job became the prevailing mentality. One is made to believe that if you are not educated you are not great. This is true, but yet, it is not true.

 Education and entrepreuneurship should complement each other; this will make a stronger system than if the outlook of a country is only tilted to one system alone. But unfortunately, the Nigerian system has made youths dependent on government and others for employment because they parades certain certificates they have obtained from school. These youths/ system don’t often bother to look inwards to determine their skills, endowment and other prowess that can make them self-sustaining. This kind of one-sided system can only take a society so far and no farther.

Hence, there is an urgent need for the government to take deliberate steps and measures to finding solution to this issue. There are alot of areas the Nigerian government can look at to empower its enormous youths. For a country that has gained independence over 50 years ago to still be finding ways to move forward in entrepreneurship is very discouraging. Well, the best way out  is to empower the youths.

Moreover, the best thing for Nigeria right now, particularly now that white-collar jobs are scare upon a dwindling economy, is to creat a platform where small and medium enterprises would emerge. The youths should be properly empowered to stand on their own. There are so many industries in Nigeria which the youths can fit into with little financial outlay such as agriculture, manufacturing, processing, export, mining, trading, building, sports, etc.

The agricultural industry has proven worldwide to be a rich one with diverse opportunities. If efforts are employed into this sector, Nigeria  could be supplying its neighboring countries with various products. If the government would make available the small and medium loans with little or no interest for youths to start up something, unemployment will be brought to the barest minimum and the country will be great again. Nigerian government only need to recognize the opportunities and to seriously invest in them because its youths are full of energy, dedication, innovation and zeal.

Believe it or not, the youths are the bedrock and change agents of every society and once they are empowered, they can develop their own ideas in a broad areas that can range areas that would transform  social good actions.

Let the govt provide the youth the necessary tools to produce and be self-sustaining. They will be surprised what the youths can do when this happens. But a large number of unemployed youths in the country have resulted to  different sorts for criminal and violent acts,  prostitution, etc. While Nigeria has been blessed with able youth with abilities and also abundance of resources which if properly tapped can transform and reform the nation into a prosperous nation for better living.

In effect, youths from rural settlements migrate to urban towns in search for greener pasture. But wherever anyone is, opportunities need to be provided. They should have access to government grants as well. In that case, they will utilize their great potentials right wherever they are. By so doing, the government will reduce the level of migration, poverty, terrorism, unemployment and stimulate sustainable development in the Country.


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